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Tips from the T-List, the Book

Most of you will remember the T-List that I’ve started back in March of 2007. It never stopped growing since then. Jens Thraenhart wrote a summary of the *history* of the T-List to introduce the next project inspired by the T-List which is the book Tips from the T-List. Here is the story : Ground-breaking new book in online travel and tourism….

The book will be distributed at the first ever Canadian e-Tourism Strategy Conference, Canada-e-Connect. This is a collective work so you are more than welcome if you want to submit an article. Here is how to it :

Deadline for submission is September 30, 2007
1. Complete and fax back the following consent form to +1 604 648 9651 or email it to
2. Send us three of your best posts. The editors will select one of these posts to appear in the book. The posts should be your own work and should be things like tips, observations, or helpful hints. Please do not send news items or trend oriented posts because these will become outdated very quickly. Concentrate on original thoughts, tips, best practices, etc. Please limit the piece to 300-500 words max.
3. Send us a good quality headshot (if you want it included).
4. Send us a good quality screenshot of your blog or website.
5. Send us a very brief bio of yourself, and the description of your blog
6. Send us your full name, address, phone and email so we can send you a copy of the book.

Stephen Joyce (who had the idea of the book)

Jens Thraenhart, Canadian Tourism Commission
Mathieu Ouellet, Radar Internet Strategy – Tourism & Travel

Update : You can find more info at


Blogging in French

For my French readers and friends, Radar, Strat̩gie Web РTourisme & Voyage is my new French blog about web strategy for Tourism & Travel.