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Hey! Sebastian from kindly gave me a bunch of invitations to their private beta.

I’ve tried it a couple of times and it’s interesting so far. They just introduced a cool feature (today actually) : You can drag and drop any destination name on the site (or any pin from the map) into your “scrapbook” on the left, then click “create pdf” and you get a really nicely designed guide to print out!

The invitations are here, hurry!!! : )

BTW, feel free to give your feedback over here, I’m curious to know what you think!


Giving a Travel Blogger a Free Trip

… so he could write about your destination on his blog. That’s the kind of idea I like.

I’m not the only one I guess because Hjörtur Smárason offered a A Great Opportunity for Travel Bloggers : A four day sea voyage exploring the untouched nature of the Breidafjordur bay, Iceland. Love it.

Phil from Rezgo asked me to mention this event on my blog… it’s pleasure Phil! Phil and Stephen are everywhere since a couple of months… 2008 will be an amazing year for them and Rezgo! ; )

You can join them at PhoCusWright@ITB Berlin on March 5th – 8th. BTW, the program is great. Tips From the T-List will even present a workshop (I told you the program is great! haha)

PhoCusWright is the travel industry research authority on the evolving dynamics that influence how travelers, suppliers and intermediaries connect. They have embraced the blogging community to help advocate dialog and discussion throughout the travel industry. (source : PhoCusWright Bloggers Summit group on Facebook)


Tips from the T-List, the Book

Most of you will remember the T-List that I’ve started back in March of 2007. It never stopped growing since then. Jens Thraenhart wrote a summary of the *history* of the T-List to introduce the next project inspired by the T-List which is the book Tips from the T-List. Here is the story : Ground-breaking new book in online travel and tourism….

The book will be distributed at the first ever Canadian e-Tourism Strategy Conference, Canada-e-Connect. This is a collective work so you are more than welcome if you want to submit an article. Here is how to it :

Deadline for submission is September 30, 2007
1. Complete and fax back the following consent form to +1 604 648 9651 or email it to
2. Send us three of your best posts. The editors will select one of these posts to appear in the book. The posts should be your own work and should be things like tips, observations, or helpful hints. Please do not send news items or trend oriented posts because these will become outdated very quickly. Concentrate on original thoughts, tips, best practices, etc. Please limit the piece to 300-500 words max.
3. Send us a good quality headshot (if you want it included).
4. Send us a good quality screenshot of your blog or website.
5. Send us a very brief bio of yourself, and the description of your blog
6. Send us your full name, address, phone and email so we can send you a copy of the book.

Stephen Joyce (who had the idea of the book)

Jens Thraenhart, Canadian Tourism Commission
Mathieu Ouellet, Radar Internet Strategy – Tourism & Travel

Update : You can find more info at


Blogging in French

For my French readers and friends, Radar, Strat̩gie Web РTourisme & Voyage is my new French blog about web strategy for Tourism & Travel.


Butterfield & Robinson

Today, I felt in love with a travel agency. THE travel agency! Butterfield & Robinson.

Their website is okay. Some interesting ideas but I think there are some navigation, info architecture et objectives issues. Anyway, that’s not the purpose of this post (even if I’m sure I could help them with that!)

I won’t describe in details why this company is my new love but simply take a look at these amazing videos, you’ll understand.

Meet the staff videos
Explore the World videos

Mr. George Butterfield

Marco – Trip Planner

In two words : Passion and… passion!


Beware of Bulls

I should have written: Beware of Bullfights Ticketing Services.

I’ll be in Madrid during La feria de San Isidro so it will be the perfect occasion for me to attend to a corrida (I won’t be a part of it for those who care!). I don’t know if I’ll like that, we’ll see!

While I was trying to buy tickets from, I realized that the form was not secure. Second time in a couple weeks that this problem happened to me, last time story is here : Online secure reservations.

Taquilla Toros is a partner of Ticket Master so I really had to go further to understand what is going on since I was sure Ticket Master pays a lot of attention to security. Finally, they do have a valid SSL certificate but since they didn’t use HTTPS to link to the form, it wasn’t secure.

What about you? You bought a SSL certficate but do you use it properly? ; )


Webby Awards Nominees

Here are the Webby nominees for Travel and Tourism categories.


Sydney Wildlife World

The Official Tourism New Zealand site for Destination New Zealand

Tourism Australia “Travel Australia”

Vail Resorts: Resort Explorer


Gods of Chinatown



Congratulations to Evan (and friends!) from Wikitravel on their nomination… and good luck!


I Don’t Have Time to Lose

I’ve booked all hotels for my trip in Spain. When going from a hotel’s site to another, I’ve realized that I was looking for:
– The price.
– The services.
– The pictures.
– The location.

Easy isn’t it? For me, those 4 criterias should be easily accessible on every hotel website. I really don’t want to search for them.

Yesterday, while looking for an hotel in Granada, I’ve found: Hostal Meridiano in Granada.

Just try to take a look at the pictures. You’ll have to wait for them to appear and you can’t click on them to see them bigger. I got frustrated a bit. I didn’t have time to lose. I’ve left this website. I won’t book there.

In 20 seconds, they lost my business.

And by the way, this website is a perfect example of a non-friendly for search engines website. Just take a look at the source code. There is absolutely no content that search engines can index…

Read also : Adobe Flash is not a Friend of Search Engines


Spain in one Month

Today = A cold and a snowstorm in Quebec city.
Today + 31 days = Tapas and Xérès in Spain.


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